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What do amateur radio operators worldwide, think of their passion?

What do we wish for? What are we frustrated about? How many of us are active, versus those that are taking a break? Do we have favorite radios, antennas, or even favorite cw paddles? Do we prefer one contest over another?

The best way to find out is if we all participate in Ham Census. Join in and let all amateur radio operators know your thoughts – share your views – then you can find out what everyone else is thinking, in real time.

Help shape the future of ham radio.™

help shape the future_Help shape the future of ham radio

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Being a survey site, please note that this site is best suited for desktop of tablet. Filling out such a long form (multiple pages) on a small phone screen is more difficult.


Register to participate in Ham Census. It's free to participate and you'll be helping the entire amateur radio community to better appreciate where we've been, where we are, and especially, where we should be headed.

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6-Part Census

Ham Census is divided into six parts. In total, the Census should take you under 55 minutes to complete.
We encourage you to complete all six parts. If you do not have the time, we understand. Remember, you can save a draft and come back to complete that part later.
Most questions are 'choose all that apply'. A few questions ask you to choose only two or three choices. Instructions are clearly indicated under each question.
The Census is free to fill; the results are free too. In fact, everything is free. However, to view the complete results, you must complete all six parts. Before completing the six, you will only have access to a selected sample of results.
A note about data.

  • We do not and will not resell the results of this Census.
  • We do not, and will not, de-anonymize the answers.
  • We do not, and will not, charge you to use the data.

Ham Census is an open-source effort for all amateur radio operators' benefit. We do, however, accept donations to help us offset the costs of operation. Business users are welcome to donate as well and Ham Census may, at some point consider accepting sponsorship.
Finally, this is a work in progress. The project will evolve over time. We invite you to check back regularly and especially, to come back for your bi-annual revision every six months. Note that your previous answers will be available to you; all you will need to do is to modify what has changed.

Fill out all six parts,

and gain free access to all the results!

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Countries of origin

Let's fill out this map. If you know operators in countries other than your own, encourage them to participate.


What people are saying after filling out the Census.

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Flag of Argentina



I think this census is an excellent idea, it will allow us to know more about the current situation of our hobby and in this way I hope that actions can be taken to improve it. A cordial greeting to everyone from Argentina.

Flag of the United States



Very useful. Very long.  :+)   I haven't seen anything like this, and suspect if you can get a good sample size this will be of great interest to the amateur community.

Flag of Canada



Completing the survey was more fun than I expected. Loved scrolling through the extremely rich results. Thank you for doing this.

Flag of the United States



What a walk down memory lane. Asking me all about my own practices and preferences got me thinking about my 40-year journey through amateur radio. Thank you!

Flag of the United States



At first I was skeptical. A quarter of the way through I thought you were twisted. By the end, I was sold. What an amazing deep-dive into amateur radio. Can't wait to come back in six months and do my update. The only frustrating thing was having to finish the whole thing to see the results, but I get it.

Share your thoughts on gearlicensingregulationsyouthclubscontestscwhoapowerband restrictionsemcommpublic servicecamaraderieshacksdigitalinternetretailerswarrantiesnew featureshamfestsdxpeditionssafetynational associations

Arrows Choice Shows Choosing Alternatives Or Deciding

Part I: Interests

Tell us what you like, and dislike?

In this part of the Census, you will share which aspects of amateur radio interest you most.

Part I

13 to 0

minutes to complete
3d Support phone operator in headset rendered on white background

Part II: Gear

Gear you like, don't like, recommend, dream of...

In this part of the Census, you will share details about your current ham gear and gear purchasing preferences.

Part II

13 to 0

minutes to complete
Concept image of a character holding a house key inside miniature house model on white background


The challenges of operating from home!

In this part of the Census, you will share details about your ham shack, home installation and other QTH related characteristics.

Part III

2 to 0

minutes to complete
business man concept

Part IV: Institutional

As hams we deal with governments, but also associations and clubs.

In this part of the Census, you will share details about how regulations and legal considerations impact your amateur radio practice and how institutions such as clubs help you in your amateur radio journey.

Part IV

6 to 0

minutes to complete
Students Reading Books Showing Education And Studying

Part V: Skills & Learning

What, how, where, when did you learn? And share?

In this part of the Census, you will share details about acquiring and sharing amateur radio knowledge.

Part V

7 to 0

minutes to complete
Businessman with binoculars under road sign. Business concept

Part VI: The Future

What do you expect? What do you wish for?

In this part, you will share your vision for amateur radio, and your role in it, in years to come.

Part VI

6 to 0

minutes to complete

Some FAQ

We do not, and will not, ever, sell data. This is an open source project meant to support the amateur radio community. It is a public service offered by Ham Community. Also, we ask you for only three bits of information, your legal amateur radio call sign, an email address and a first name. Additionally, for security purposes, we store your originating IP address. These addresses are purged monthly. That's it, nothing else. We treat your privacy the way we want ours to be treated.

Some think it is, others have told us they got so into it that it was over before they knew it. On average, it takes a 43-minute commitment to complete all six parts. The good news is that you do not have to fill it all in one go. You can continually save drafts. Also, the original Census was in one long form. We decided that it would be more enjoyable and useful to split it into parts, which we did, six of them.

Remember to visit your dashboard to check on your progress.

Absolutely, unequivocally, not. You do not have to donate. Can you donate? Yes, absolutely. Will we appreciate it? Yes we will. This Census is a major commitment and requires both time and actual payments to operate. We are doing it because we want to and expect no support. But you're welcome to offer it and we will, believe us, appreciate it. Know that your donations will be used exclusively for the operation of the Census, notably server expenses, software licenses, and whatever additional paid staff contribute to the effort.

Like we said, this is an open-source, free-to-contribute, free-to-use project. All we are after is good data that is useful to us all. The only way we could think of to encourage people to complete the six parts is to force them to fill out the six parts entirely before gaining access to the results section. In the words of our friend Al, K3NU, "It was a lot more fun to complete than I had originally feared; I enjoyed myself, actually."

Absolutely! We look forward to those suggestions. Just hop over to Ham Community and visit the Ham Census Q&A forum. Please note that the suggestions forum is only open to those who have completed the six parts of the Census and registered on Ham Community as members.

Need more answers?

Check out our complete FAQ

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Ham Census advertisement

Ham Census ad on ARRL

2021-04-17 |

Ham Census, in an attempt to start promoting itself, last month began an ad campaign on Arrl.org. Referrals have been good with close to 80 participants taking the census as a result of their visit on the ARRL site.

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Southgate ARC news item

2021-04-14 |

Southgate ARC today published an article announcing Ham Census. We appreciate this support and encourage Census participants to follow and regularly consult Southgate ARC.

We are not alone

A shout out to a fellow amateur radio survey. Though in no way affiliated, we encourage you to also check out N8RMA's State of the Hobby. The process is slightly different than ours and definitely worth checking out and participating in.

Thank you for your help!

Hamvention Awards Committee 2021 Club of the Year

Vienna Wireless Society

Thank you VWS for all your support in getting Ham Census off the ground.

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Our first news coverage

Southgate ARC

Thank you Southgate ARC and Richard for your coverage. You were our first news story and garnered us a substantial amount of traffic.

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Our first beta testers

Thank you W4DOI, N3IXY, KN4ZMA, W4FSO, W2WCM, KO4CLV, K4EWR, KD4MM, W4RAX for helping debug the beast!