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Ham Census at QSO Today

Ham Census - QSO Today 2021

Thank you Eric Guth and the entire QSO Today team for organizing the event and inviting us to present Ham Census. The presentation was well attended and the questions were very useful. Indeed, after the presentation, several participated in the Census and provided us with some exceptionally good recommendations, many of which were immediately implemented.…

Thanks again!

600 participants in Ham Census as of today

Ham Census, with relatively humble means, is inching its way up. As of this morning, we have had 600 participants from 28 countries. Now, rather than announcing a big thank you every 100 participants, we’ll wait until we hit 1,000. Can you help us get there quickly? Just spread the word! Thanks again for participating…

500 participants in 27 countries

Thank you Ham Census participants

The number is still far from the hoped-for level of participation, but just a few weeks from launching, Ham Census is pleased to have reached 500 participants from 27 countries. Of note is the level of completion as well as the level of comments written as part of the “Messages to…” questions. Messages to federal…

Another Ham Census ad with ARRL

Ham Census banner ad

For one month, starting Thursday 29 April 2021, Ham Census will be running a banner ad in the ARRL newsletter. Here’s hoping that you see it. If you do notice it, we’d love it if you dropped us a comment below.

Ham Census ad on ARRL

Ham Census advertisement

Ham Census, in an attempt to start promoting itself, last month began an ad campaign on Arrl.org. Referrals have been good with close to 80 participants taking the census as a result of their visit on the ARRL site.

Southgate ARC news item

Southgate ARC logo

Southgate ARC today published an article announcing Ham Census. We appreciate this support and encourage Census participants to follow and regularly consult Southgate ARC.

Ham Census launched

amateur radio survey

Today, 6 March 2021, Ham Census was officially launched by Ham Community as a public service. Below is the official announcement. Also attached is the download of the PDF announcement. Ham Radio has a new census As the amateur radio community grows and evolves, the need to better understand the preferences and expectations of amateur…