General Privacy Policy

Ham Census is a sister site to Ham Community. Both are legally owned by Maryland (USA) based Excess Noise LLC. While Ham Community may contain advertising or other sponsorship, Ham Census does not. It is a project intended as a public service. Answers to the survey questions are made available entirely for free as per the Creative Commons License stipulated at the bottom of this and all webpages on the site. Ham Census data is not otherwise shared, filtered, or sold in any manner whatsoever. The only caveat, clearly stipulated throughout the site, is that to access the data, you must have completed the six parts of the Census.

In addition to privacy policies listed throughout this site in great detail, Ham Census abides by the same privacy policies as Ham Community. We encourage you to visit the Ham Community privacy page here:

If you have any questions or concerns, we also encourage you to reach out by opening a ticket on

For additional information, please consult our policy documents menu at the bottom of the page.

We're not perfect, but we care, our data is on here too.